Running Batch Transactions Whenever Appropriate

Running batch transactions reduces the number of calls to the database and completes more processing with fewer adapter and service invocations.

Run batch transactions instead of individual transactions whenever appropriate. You can use this technique to improve processing times and manage workload, by reducing processing during peak processing times and maximizing processing opportunities during non-peak processing times. For example:

  • You can have a purchase order business process that sends all final purchase orders to a file directory, and a business process that picks up all of the purchase orders from the file directory for processing. If each purchase order is processed when it is received in the file directory, several calls to the database may be made and many invocations made that use system resources. This becomes especially important during peak processing times.

    If, however, you set up a business process to check the folder during non-peak processing hours and process all of the purchase orders at one time, this reduces the use of resources during peak processing and uses your system resources more efficiently during a time that resources are plentiful.

  • When you are configuring a business process model to translate and envelope documents, use Deferred mode for the enveloping service whenever your business needs allow. This way, the service translates and envelopes documents in batches at specified intervals.