Before Using EDIDeenvelope

You must complete a series of taskes in order to use EDIDeenvelope.

Before you use the EDIDeenvelope business process, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. Create the trading profile, including a contract.
  2. Create necessary envelopes.
  3. Create a business process that initiates the EDIDeenvelope business processes.

    When creating a business process that enables inbound ST (or UNH) envelopes to translate transactions when running EDIDeenvelope business processes, consider:

    • Delimiters sent in the ISA or UNA segments are placed into process data in Sterling B2B Integrator.
    • The GPM makes available parameters that represent the delimiters, which you must configure to enable the envelopes to translate transaction.
    • You must create an XPath expression that describes the location of envelopes and apply it to the Translation service.