Planning for installation and upgrade

To install or upgrade IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator you must have the appropriate hardware and software for the applications. Upgrading involves certain prerequisites that must be completed before you can upgrade.

The system requirements differ based on the mode of installation. The requirements for a docker installation are different from the requirements for an installation by using the IBM Installation Manager.

Review the following documents before you install or upgrade.
  • Server system requirements - Review the System Requirements to confirm that your system and databases meet the requirements for this release.
  • What's New - Review this guide to find out about new features and functionality provided in this release.
  • Resolved Issues - Review the resolved issues to obtain information about issues and resolutions which have been identified for this release.
  • Installation and Upgrade Information - Review the information provided in the Planning for installation and Planning for upgrading sections.
  • Upgrade Considerations - Understand the impacts of upgrading before you upgrade.