Decrypting database passwords (Unix/Linux)

Use properties files and commands to decrypt database passwords.

To decrypt the database password:

  1. Stop Sterling B2B Integrator.
  2. Open the /<install_dir>/properties directory.
  3. Open the sandbox.cfg file.
  4. Copy the encrypted password from the database_PASS property.

    Use the text that appears after the database_PASS=text.

    For example, if database_PASS= OBSCURED:123ABCxyz321, you would copy the text OBSCURED:123ABCxyz321. (OBSCURED is the encryption method for the password.)
  5. Open the /<install_dir>/bin directory.
  6. Enter the command ./ <encrypted_password>.

    For <encrypted_password>, use the text that you copied in Step 4.

    You are prompted for the system passphrase. After you enter the passphrase, your decrypted password appears.
  7. Open the /<install_dir>/properties directory.
  8. Edit the sandbox.cfg file to replace the encrypted password with the password that was returned in Step 6.
  9. You need to decrypt the entries for the YANTRA_DB_PASS and DB_PASS properties. Repeat Steps 4 - 8 to decrypt these entries.
    You must also decrypt any passwords present in the property files. Encrypted passwords typically exist in the following property files:
    • sandbox.cfg
    • apservsetup
  10. Open the /<install_dir>/bin directory.
  11. Enter the command ./
  12. Enter the command ./
  13. Enter the command ./ to start Sterling B2B Integrator.
  14. Enter your passphrase.