Perimeter Server

Sterling B2B Integrator uses perimeter servers to minimize demilitarized zone (DMZ) issues, enhance scalability, enhance the process of handling large files, and improve performance.

A perimeter server is communication management software installed in a DMZ that manages communication flows between a perimeter network and Sterling B2B Integrator TCP-based transport adapters. Perimeter servers help reduce network congestion issues and enhance security and scalability for high-volume environments.

A perimeter network is a computer network configured to function as an additional layer of security between a secured internal network and an unsecured external network. A perimeter server communicates with Sterling B2B Integrator through the special perimeter services available in Sterling B2B Integrator. These perimeter services enable an adapter to communicate with a perimeter server within the DMZ through an internal firewall.

Perimeter servers help reduce network congestion issues and increases scalability for high-volume environments through session and thread management, and enhance security by moving security threats away from your secure network and data. This is especially useful for high-volume B2B gateway environments.

Sterling B2B Integrator perimeter services:
  • Work with the complete Sterling B2B Integrator-supported range of transport protocols
  • Enable data to get through your firewall while ensuring security
  • Support both small and large file size requirements
  • Provide a lightweight solution, enabling you to use inexpensive machines in the DMZ.