Using FTP in NIST 800-131a compliance mode

During the configuration of adapters for System and CA certificates with SSL, only NIST 800-131a compliant certificates are available.

Also, during configuration for adapters with SSL, only Strong Cipher strength is compliant when running in strict mode. A list of strong Cipher suites are defined in the property NIST 800-131aCompliantCipherSuite in

Non-compliant FTP Adapters

If a non-compliant system certificate, CA certificate, or cipher strength are used, the server adapter is disabled and a message is logged. You must re-configure the adapter using a NIST 800-131a compliant certificate and cipher strength to enable the adapter. View the adapter settings to review the potential violations; if it is non-compliant, a message, Not NIST SP800-131a compliant appears. If you receive an error, you must re-configure for NIST 800-131a compliance.