Securing connections to WebSphere MQ

You can use SSL client authentication to secure connections to WebSphere MQ. Configuring SSL for WebSphere MQ is optional. To configure SSL, you must configure settings in Sterling B2B Integrator and run a script in Global Mailbox.

To configure secure connections to WebSphere MQ, complete the following steps:

Table 1. Steps to configure secure connections to WebSphere MQ
# Step Where to find information
1 Configure WebSphere MQ to set up SSL connections. Working with SSL or TLS on UNIX, Linux and Windows systems
2 Configure settings for the Global Mailbox Event Rule Adapter in Sterling B2B Integrator. Global Mailbox Event Rule Adapter
3 Pass the setMQConfig argument in the appConfigUtility script for configuring SSL client authentication. appConfigUtility
Note: If there are any changes to MQ configuration details or when updating the certificate, run the script with the setMQConfig option for the changes to take effect. In the case of the certificate, only importing the renewed certificate into the keystore is not sufficient.