OverdueAckCheck Business Process

The OverdueAckCheck business process identifies EDI documents that are waiting for an acknowledgment. Most likely, an acknowledgment is overdue when an EDI document state indicates continuous waiting. OverdueAckCheck produces a status report that lists details about EDI documents. You can use the report to determine whether an acknowledgment is overdue.

The following figure shows the OverdueAckCheck business process model as it displays in the GPM:

OverdueAckCheck business process model

The following BPML code makes up the OverdueAckCheck business process:

<process name="OverdueAckCheck">
      <participant name="OverdueAck"/>
      <output message="Xout">
        <assign to="." from="*"></assign>
      <input message="Xin">
        <assign to="." from="*"></assign>