Managing Business Process Model Versions

Version management is an important concern related to implementing your business process models. As you make multiple changes to existing process models and create variations of a process model, you need to be certain that the process model that runs is the appropriate version.

The first time you check in a business process, the data you enter creates a business process definition—a uniquely named copy of the process model to be stored in Sterling B2B Integrator. The business process model stored in Sterling B2B Integrator is independent of any .bp file of the process that you may have saved in a local directory.

At any time, you can open an existing process model, modify and save it, and then either check in the new version to Sterling B2B Integrator, or save the modified copy of the process in Sterling B2B Integrator as a new process altogether. All previously checked-in versions of business process models continue to be stored in Sterling B2B Integrator. This enables you to revert to using an older version should the need arise.

For more information, see Business Process Version Management.