Business Process Model Testing

Test your business process model before using it in your production environment. The validation step verifies only that the Business Process Model Language structure is valid, it does not indicate invalid parameters or guarantee that the process works, so testing is important.

Use a test environment if possible. If Sterling B2B Integrator reports errors, make appropriate corrections to the business process model or the service and adapter configurations in it. Retest the business process until it is working as needed in the test environment.

When you are ready to implement the business processes in your production environment, you can export the resources from the test environment and import them into production. The ability to tag resources can expedite the automation of the export and import process.

Remember that the flexibility of Sterling B2B Integrator often enables you to choose from among many options to accomplish a given task. Test cycles will help you determine the most efficient methods for your needs.

For instructions for testing a business process model, see Testing a Business Process Model in Sterling B2B IntegratorTesting a Business Process Model in Sterling B2B Integrator.