Annotation Tool

The Annotation tool enables you to add customized comments such as descriptive names or explanations, for your reference, to the icons in the graphic display of your business process models.

The Graphical Process Modeler (GPM) automatically includes annotations with all icons. When you pause with your mouse arrow over an icon or the name of an icon in the workspace, the annotation for the icon pops up. Using the Annotation tool, you can modify the annotations so that they are more useful for you.

The following figure illustrates an annotation in a simple business process model:

Annotation in a simple business process model

The GPM does not store annotations in the Business Process Modeling Language (BPML) content of a business process model, therefore, they display only in the GPM representation of a business process model, not in the source BPML. For the same reason, if you edit and save a process model directly in the source BPML, the annotations will no longer be part of the business process model.