Setting Up Offline Notifications To Be Sent in E-mail

You can set up offline notifications to be sent via e-mail.

Note: Perform steps 1 to 4 prior to Sterling B2B Integrator being taken offline.
  1. Add the following data to the file using a text editor:
    • noapp.dbDeadLineThread=true
    • bpdeadline.deadlinePerBP=false
    • bpdeadline.includeBPstate=true
    • bpdeadline.dbDeadlineThreadOffline=true
    • bpdeadline.offlineEmail=true
    • bpdeadline.updateStatus=true
    • bpdeadline.EmailTo= (Use this parameter to define the e-mail addresses to be notified. You can enter multiple e-mail addresses by using a comma (,) to separate them.)
  2. Save and close the file.
  3. Stop and restart Sterling B2B Integrator in order for your customer property overrides to take effect.
  4. Run the following command:
    • For UNIX,
    • For Windows, setupfiles.cmd
  5. After Sterling B2B Integrator is offline, run the following command to start offline notifications:
    • For UNIX, install/bin/
    • For Windows, install/bin/bpDeadlineOfflineNotification.cmd
      Note: Depending on the amount of time between when Sterling B2B Integrator goes offline and you run this offline notification command, you may miss a deadline notification.
  6. Check your e-mail to verify that you have received any deadline notifications.
    Note: You may want to execute the command in step 5 again to generate another notification e-mail.
    Note: Since the bpdeadline.updateStatus=true in the, you may not get the final notification when Sterling B2B Integrator comes back online.