Prerequisites for upgrading Sterling B2B Integrator

Before you upgrade Sterling B2B Integrator, you must complete certain prerequisite tasks.

This is the second step in the process of upgrading Sterling B2B Integrator. The following diagram shows the upgrade steps.

Prerequisites for upgrading Planning for upgrading Sterling B2B Integrator Preparing for Upgrading Upgrading Sterling B2B Integrator Post-upgrade configurations Preparing the servers Download installation items Upgrade your database Install IBM MQ Creating a response file

The installation process for Sterling B2B Integrator consists of the following five steps.

  1. Planning
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Preparing systems
  4. Upgrading
  5. Post-upgrade configurations

The Prerequisites step further has the following steps:

  1. Configuring the hardware and software.
  2. Downloading the installation files.
  3. Upgrading the databases.
  4. Installing the messaging queue.
  5. Creating a response file for silent installation.