Versioned and Non-Versioned Resources

Versioned resources have multiple copies that are saved in the Sterling B2B Integrator, while non-versioned resources have only one copy saved at any time.

Resources may be non-versioned or versioned:
  • Versioned resources, such as business process models and service configurations, may have multiple copies, or versions, saved in the Sterling B2B Integrator system. Each time you modify one of these versioned resources, the system saves the data as a new version, while retaining a copy of the resource as it existed prior to your modifications. Any time you check in a versioned resource, you can set which version of the resource is the default — either the version you are checking in or a previously saved version. The default version is the copy of a resource used during processing, unless otherwise specified in processing instructions. The concept of versioning is integral to your resource management needs. For example, access to saved copies of each iteration of a resource enables you to easily review the components of older versions or revert to using them at any time. This saves you the effort of storing older versions in another location or reproducing the work involved in creating them if you need to revert to a previous configuration. You can also change which copy is the default version as needed.
  • Non-versioned resources are resources, such as user accounts, for which only one current copy is saved at any time. When you modify a non-versioned resource, the new resource replaces the old resource in the system.