License modifications

After installation or upgrade is completed, you can enable the software licenses for the various Sterling B2B Integrator components by modifying the relevant properties in the file.

Important: After you have installed the EBICS Banking Server Module, you cannot uninstall it or disable it. Even if you set the license.accept.enable.ebics property as false in the file, the EBICS Banking Server Module remains enabled and can be used.

Viewing the licenses

You can review the license list from the UI. On the Administration Menu, click System > B2B Console > Operations > System > Licenses.

The license files are located in the following directories:

  • Windows: \<install_dir>\properties\licensefiles
  • UNIX: /<install_dir>/properties/licensefiles
  • If you add a component that you have not previously selected for installation, the license file is added and the UI for that component is enabled.
  • If you remove a component after it is installed, you will still see the license file. Only the UI is disabled.

Modifying licenses

If you have installed Sterling B2B Integrator by using Docker, see Modifying licenses for a Docker installation.

If you have installed Sterling B2B Integrator by using IIM, see Modifying licenses for an IIM installation.

Modifying the file

You can modify the relevant properties in the file in the following ways:
  • Directly modify the file.
  • Modify the customer overrides properties from the UI.
  • Use the PropertyFile Services Rest API to modify the customer overrides properties.

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