Configuring storage

Global Mailbox stores message payloads in a storage repository. Payloads are accessed from the repository.

Global Mailbox storage is arranged in storage buckets. Buckets are containers, or logical groups, of storage units that are configured according to business requirements. The configuration of a storage bucket consists of the following elements:
  • Base location of storage (disk, share, and other options). For maximum availability with Global Mailbox, the preferred base file location is GPFS.
  • Expiration policy

A storage bucket can have multiple versions, which are referred to as variants. The variant ID is in the range of 0 to 63. As data is stored in blobs, it is distributed across all active variants. During a read or get operation, a blob is retrieved from the variant it is stored in. Variants can be marked as retired. When a variant is marked as retired, it is read only.