Archive Business Process Service

The Archive Business Process service searches for eligible records to archive from the Sterling B2B Integrator live database tables.

This is an internal service that should not be used externally for steps in creating business processes because it is subject to change without notice, and use may cause unpredictable results and loss of data. This section is intended for information purposes only.

The following table provides an overview of the Archive Business Process service:

System name Archive
Graphical Process Modeler (GPM) categories All Services, System
Description The service runs on a schedule. Copies records that have been flagged as eligible for archiving from the Live system database tables directly to disk.
Business usage Eligible records are copied directly from the live tables to a file.
Usage example Archiving business process information older than three days on a scheduled basis.
Preconfigured? Yes
Requires third party files? No
Platform availability All supported platforms
Related services Index Business Process service, Purge service, Purge Business Process Linkage service
Application requirements No
Initiates business processes? No
Invocation Generally, this service runs by the Scheduler.
Business process context considerations No
Returned status values Messages are written to the Archive log.
Restrictions Do not create multiple configurations of this service.
Persistence level None
Testing considerations None
Notes If any step in the process fails, the service sends an e-mail notification.

How the Archive Business Process Service Works

The Archive function in Sterling B2B Integrator is designed to be configured once, then run on a schedule. This service is configured as part of the Archive setup process.

When configuring this service, you specify what business process data should be archived, based on the number of days. You also choose how often to run the archive operation, based on your business needs or requirements. Once you have configured the Archive Business Process service, run the Archive business process to begin archiving data according to the parameters you have specified.