Monitor Adapter Container JVMs

Adapter containers act as cluster nodes. You can view the adapter container details and its status in the Node Status screen.

When the adapter container node goes down, a node went down event is triggered and an email is sent to the Sterling B2B Integrator administrator.

To monitor adapter container status, from the Administration Menu, select Operations > System > Cluster > Node Status.

Note: You can view more information for an adapter container node in System Troubleshooting screen (Operations > System > Troubleshooter).

The container logs are stored in the install_dir/install/logs/node*AC* (install_dir\install\logs\node*AC* for Windows) directory. In this convention, node*AC*, the first * refers to the ASI node name and the second * refers to the container number. For example, in node2AC1, 2 refers to the ASI node name and 1 refers to the container number.