Installing third-party jars using CLI

If you have installed Sterling B2B Integrator using Docker and have a third-party jars of size greater than 100 MB, you must install the jars by using the command line utility.

If the size of the jar file is less than 100 MB, you can install it from the UI.

Note: If you install a jar from the UI, it is saved in the database. If you install a jar from the CLI, it is not saved in the database and you must re-install the jar in case the Docker container is removed/deleted.
To install a third-party jar using the command line utility, complete the following steps:
  1. Copy the jar file into the Docker container by using he following command:
    docker cp <jar_location> <container_id>:<jar_location>

    For example:

    docker cp /opt/db2jcc4.jar b2bi:/ibm/

    where /opt/db2jcc4.jar is the location of the jar that is to be installed, b2bi is the container ID, and /ibm/ is the destination path.

  2. Access the Docker container file system by running the following command:
    docker exec -it <container_id> /bin/bash
  3. Navigate to the /ibm/b2bi/install/bin/ directory.
  4. Run the following command: /
  5. You can also run the following command without accessing the Docker container file system to install the jar:
    docker exec -it b2bi /ibm/b2bi/install/bin/ vendorName vendorVersion 
    <-j | -l | -p | -r | -d > filelist [-targetJVM EVERY | NOWHERE | DCL | OPS | APP | AGENT | ACTIVEMQ] 
    [-uninstall] [-nodeploy]
    For example:
    docker exec -it b2bi_test /ibm/b2bi/install/bin/ 
    temp 1 -j /ibm/db2jcc4.jar -targetJVM DCL

    where /ibm/db2jcc4.jar is the location where the custom jar was copied in step 1.