Use Local Perimeter Server Logs to Troubleshoot Problems

If you encounter a problem, first check the logs. An error may have been logged that provides the information to resolve the problem.

To access the Perimeter Services logs, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Administration menu, select Operations > System > Logs.
  2. Under Perimeter Services, select a log file.
    The interface displays only the last 2500 lines of a current log file. To view the entire log, you must have Read permission for the file system where the system is located. Open the log file (located at the installation path on your hard drive), with a text editor in read-only mode.
  3. If the error is not in the logs, change the logging level. To change the settings, click on the icon next to Perimeter Services. There are four levels of logging information:
    • Error - shows errors only (default)
    • Info - adds information about persistent connections
    • Commtrace - adds information about customer connections
    • All - shows full detail, including developer-only bugs
  4. Attempt to recreate the problem.
  5. View the logs again to see the additional entries.