You can use the IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator interface to search for nearly all the entities that are related to your use of the system, from system processes to sets of data that is used to regulate or enable processes.

The IBM Sterling B2B Integrator interface supports a variety of simple and advanced searches. For example, you can either perform a simple search to locate a business process by name or an advanced search for a business process by specifying multiple criteria, including name, date, instance ID, and start time.

For example, you can search for:
  • Active, archived, and restored business processes
  • Trading partner profiles and related data such as identities, transport, and packaging information, contracts, and code lists
  • Documents processed
  • Service activity information and service configurations
  • Transaction information
  • Interchange information
  • Standards information
  • Schedules
  • Maps
  • Resources
  • User accounts.

For information about the procedure for searching a specific entity, see the appropriate topic in the online documentation library.