Clustering Architecture

Clustered installations of Sterling B2B Integrator use the different components of a node (that is, one of the cluster installations).

These include:
  • Core engine components, which execute business processes.
  • Services and adapters, which execute business process steps and communicate with external systems such as databases, ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) systems, and other technologies and packages.
  • The Operations Controller, which manages resources across Java™ Virtual Machine (JVM) boundaries.
  • The Services Controller, which provides the mechanisms to manage, configure, query, and cache all service/adapter-related information.
  • The Central Operations Controller, which provides a single point of contact for all operational questions and communicates with the Operations Controller to coordinate component operations.

The following diagram illustrates a basic cluster configuration. “ASI” stands for Application Server Independent. The instances of lowercase and uppercase letter “A” refer to different parts of adapters.

Basic cluster configuration