The IBM Installation Manager (IIM)

IBM® Installation Manager v1.9.1.x is required to install Sterling B2B Integrator on all supported platforms.

IBM Installation Manager is a Java-based multiplatform installation application and provides a consistent approach across various platforms. It does not rely on platform-specific installation technology or mechanism.

Installation Manager uses the local Sterling B2B Integrator offering repositories to install or update Sterling B2B Integrator and its add-on features. It determines the packages that must be installed and displays them including the products and Fix Packs. It checks that all prerequisites and inter-dependencies are met before installing the selected product package and feature sets.

Important: The Uninstall option only unregisters Sterling B2B Integrator from Installation Manager. The uninstall procedure as described in the related sections must be performed to completely uninstall Sterling B2B Integrator.

Installation Manager must be installed on each computer on which Sterling B2B Integrator is being installed. If you already have Installation Manager installed on your computer for use with other IBM applications, it can be used with installing Sterling B2B Integrator as long as it is the correct version. If you do not have Installation Manager installed, it is provided as part of the Sterling B2B Integrator installation media.

Supported bit-versions

A 64-bit version of IBM Installation Manager v1.9.1.x is provided with the Sterling B2B Integrator installation package. However, you can also install with a 32-bit version of Installation Manager.

Before you start the installation, consider the following options:
  • If you are a new customer, use the version of Installation Manager that is provided with the Sterling B2B Integrator installation package and install Sterling B2B Integrator.
  • If you have an earlier version of Installation Manager, you can update it to v1.9.1.x using the Installation Manager that is provided with the installation package, then install Sterling B2B Integrator .
  • If you are a current customer who did not use Installation Manager earlier, install the version of Installation Manager that is provided with the installation package, then upgrade your Sterling B2B Integrator installation.
  • If you have a 32-bit Installation Manager installed, you must download the 32-bit Installation Manager v1.9.1.x from Fix Central or IBM Passport Advantage, upgrade it, then proceed with the installation of Sterling B2B Integrator. Ensure you have the required libraries that support screen presentation of the text.

Checking for updates

To check for Installation Manager updates, select Search for Installation Manager updates on the File > Preferences > Updates page. When the check box is selected, Installation Manager searches for updates when any one of the following pages are opened from the Installation Manager start page:
  • Install Packages
  • Modify Packages
  • Update Packages
Installation Manager also searches for updates when you click the Check for Other Versions, Fixes, and Extensions button on the Install Packages page.