Retrieving a File Using myFileGateway

In myFileGateway, Partners retrieve a file from a mailbox.

To retrieve a file:

  1. From myFileGateway, click the Download tab.
  2. Select a file from the list of files. Only files present in the mailboxes that you have permission to download from are provided in the list. You can filter the list for specific character strings. Enter the characters in the field above the column headings.
    Tip: The filter finds any occurrence of the requested string. For example, if you want to find records from the date that contain a 13, the filter will also return records that have a 13 in the time field, or any other field.
  3. Select whether to open or save the file.
  4. To save the file, browse to the location for the file to be saved. Select the location and click Save.
    Restriction: During the file transfer, if you click Cancel, the transfer may or may not be stopped, depending on the size of the file and rate of transfer. Click Refresh to see if the file is still available for download. If the cancel was received before the transfer, the file will still be available in the list. If you clicked cancel after the file was transferred, the file will not be listed anymore.