Downloading files by using myFileGateway 2.0

Partners can download multiple files from the myFileGateway 2.0 application, based on their permissions.

To download files by using myFileGateway 2.0, complete the following steps.

  1. In myFileGateway 2.0, click Downloads from the IBM myFileGateway menu.
  2. Open the mailbox folder from which you want to download the files.

    You can access only the folders for which you have the assigned permissions. The files are displayed in the folder based on your permissions.

  3. You can rename the files before downloading them.
  4. Select the files from the mailbox folder and click Download to download all the selected files as individual files. Click Download files as zip to download all the selected files in a compressed folder.
    You can also search the files that you want to download.
    Tip: The search results display any occurrence of the requested string. For example, if you want to find records by the date that contains 13, the search results display records of all the fields that contain 13 and not just the date fields.
    Restriction: During the file transfer, if you click Cancel, the transfer stops depending on the size of the file and rate of transfer. Click Refresh to check whether the file is still available for download. If the cancel request is received before the transfer, the file is still available in the list. If you click cancel after the file is transferred, the file is not listed in the mailbox folder.