Start the Graphical Process Modeler Outside of Sterling B2B Integrator

This method can be used anytime after the initial installation of the Graphical Process Modeler (GPM), but only if you cannot access Sterling B2B Integrator over a network. To start the GPM offline, you must have installed a shortcut to your Programs menu and Desktop.

Note: Certain restrictions apply when using the GPM offline. For information, see Graphical Process Modeler Startup.
To start the GPM outside of Sterling B2B Integrator:
  1. Complete one of the following tasks:
    • From the Start menu on a client computer, select Programs > Modeler (GPM application).
    • From the Desktop on a client computer, double-click the Modeler shortcut.
  2. The Log In dialog box displays. Type your Sterling B2B Integrator User ID and Password, click OK.
You can now create and modify business process models locally on the client computer. Because you are not logged in to Sterling B2B Integrator, you cannot check business process models in and out.
The first time you start the GPM, set your preferences. See Set Up Your GPM.