What system services are used by the Recovery business process?

Important: Do not use these services in business processes. They are used by other services and are subject to change without notice.

The Recovery business process uses the following services:

BP Report Service - Generates a report listing business process instance IDs that match:
  • the state specified in the configuration and currently are not running
  • the instance IDs list due to shutdown (soft stop)
BP State Filter Service - Sorts the list processes located by the WFFReport service into one of the following types of auto-recovery categories:
  • Manual
  • Resume
  • Restart
  • Terminate

BP Mark Service - Marks a list of business process instance IDs found from BP Report Service to either INTERRUPTED_MAN or INTERRUPTED_AUTO.

BP Start Service - Resumes or restarts business processes that are listed in the RESUME and RESTART lists from BPReportService, respectively.