How do I search for a service, or view a list of services?

You can search or view a list of services under the Administration Menu.

To find a particular service configuration, or to see whether a particular service type has service configurations that were installed with Sterling B2B Integrator, use the following steps.

If you complete this procedure after installation, and others have access to the system, all configurations for the service type, whether installed with the system or created after installation, are displayed. Sterling B2B Integrator does not enforce any naming convention or flag to distinguish between the configurations shipped with the product and those created by users. If you wish to distinguish, you may choose to use a naming convention in your instance.

  1. From the Administration Menu, select Deployment > Services > Configuration.
  2. Select the service type you want to view from the By Service Type list, then click Go!
    All configurations that exist for the service type are displayed (possibly in multiple pages).
  3. Click the name of any service configuration to see its settings, which will be displayed in a separate window.