Role-Based Security

Role-based security provides access to specific files, business processes, services, and product features, according to the permissions associated with the user account.

A user account contains the groups the user belongs to and the permissions associated with each group or user. Permissions provide access to the different modules within Sterling B2B Integrator and are the foundation of role-based security.

The user account is linked to your Sterling B2B Integrator user name and password. Each time you log in, Sterling B2B Integrator verifies whether you are a valid user and grants access to only those areas you are allowed to use based on the permissions assigned to you by the system administrator.

Role-based security also helps direct messages and documents to the appropriate user within Web Extensions. In this circumstance, the Web Extensions Human Interaction Event service pulls the approving authority’s name and e-mail address from the Sterling B2B Integrator database and routes the document to that person. This routing feature helps you manage message queues.