Creating a Jar file for User Exit

You can create a Jar file for User Exit and view the list of newly created User Exits when Sterling B2B Integrator is installed using the Docker image.

You must set up the Liberty Application Server.

For more information, see B2B REST APIs

To create a new Jar file for User Exit:
  1. Select Customization > Customization. Click the Click Here To Access link. In the Customization login screen, enter the User Name and Password and click Login.
  2. Click User Exit. The User Exit list page is displayed.
  3. Click Create UserExit.
  4. Specify the field settings:

    Field Name


    Vendor Name

    Required. Unique name of the vendor.

    Vendor Version

    Required. Version number of the vendor.


    Optional. Description of the Jar file.

    User exit type

    Required. Type of the User Exit. The types include - FTP SERVER, SFTP SERVER, MAILBOX, USER LOGIN, USER LOGOUT.

    Required. Subtype of the User Exit. These subtypes are specific to every User Exit type.
    Table 1. User Exit Types and Sub Types
    Types Sub Types
    • OnCwdCommandBeforeExecute
    • OnFileReceiveBeforeCommit
    • OnGetFileAfterExecute
    • OnGetFileBeforeExecute
    • OnPutFileAfterExecute
    • OnPutFileBeforeExecute
    • OnUnknownSiteSubCommand
    • OnGetFileAfterExecute
    • OnPutFileAfterExecute
    • OnPutFileBeforeExecute
    • OnMailboxCreate
    • OnMailboxDeleteSet
    • OnMailboxUpdate
    • OnMessageAdd
    • OnMessageDelete
    • OnMessageExtract
    • OnMessageExtractBegin
    • postAuthenticateFail
    • postAuthenticateSuccess
    • preAuthenticate
    • beforeSessionDestroyed
    Node List Optional. List of available Sterling B2B Integrator nodes.
    General Properties
    Optional. General properties of the User Exit file specified as a key-value pair.
    Click Select to Add or Remove the properties. Only the following properties and the respective values must be specified:
    Table 2. User Exit Properties and Values
    Properties Values
    Return.on.exception boolean - true or false
    Pool.size integer
    Maximum.queue.length integer
    Wait.time integer
    Execution.threshold.time integer
    Implementation class Required. Names of the User Exit Java classes that implement the specified User Exit interface. Click Select to Add or Remove the class name.
    File Required. Click Browse to select the JAR file.
  5. Click Save UserExit to save the new User Exit. The newly added User Exits are displayed in the User Exit list page.