FIFO Error Queue Listener

An out of the box adapter is configured on each node to listen to the error queue. This adapter is named "FIFO Error Queue Listener {nodename}". The adapter will bootstrap a business process named FifoError. This process is configured to retrieve the data from the errant process, including the original document and to integrate it into this process. This allows you to automate the re-processing of the data and other activities.

Note: This is disabled by default in v6.0. You can configure external activeMQ to work with FIFO error queue listener.

The FifoError process is defined as follows:

&ltprocess name="FifoError">
     &ltparticipant name="FIFORouting" />		
       &ltoutput message="Xout">
          &ltassign to="." from="*">&lt/assign>
         &ltassign to="FifoTask">FifoErrorRecord&lt/assign>
        <input message="Xin">
         <assign to="." from="*"></assign>

The FifoError process provides a basic implementation for error handing. A user-specified business process may be configured to allow for customized error handling. A user-specified business process must contain the FIFORouting service as configured in the default FifoError process.