Configure FIFO Services

To configure FIFO services:
  1. Login to Sterling B2B Integrator.
  2. Select Deployment > Services > Configuration.
  3. Create new service and click Go.
  4. In the Service Type field, enter the applicable adapter you want to use and click Next. You can also select it from the Tree View or List View.
  5. Enter a suitable name and description in Name and Description fields.
  6. Select or create a new group if required. By default, it is None.
  7. Select the business process you want to execute.
  8. Note: This business process must be set to use at least Minimal Event Processing and cannot be set to Error Only persistence level.
  9. Select FIFO from Processing Mode drop-down list and click Next.
  10. Select the business process that will receive the message and returns the routing key from the FIFO Route Lookup BP drop-down list.
    You should create a business process and import it into Sterling Integrator.
  11. Review and click Finish. The service is saved and the system displays a The system update completed successfully message.