Business Process Queues

The FIFO business process execution queues are defined by rows that are prefixed with workflow.taskqueue. A queue row consists of a unique ID with prefix workflow.taskqueue to the left and a unique name without spaces or punctuation to the right.

You can add a queue by adding an additional row to the existing property file or to The simplest way to add additional queues is to continue the existing numbering scheme. You can remove a queue by deleting a row.

Note: Queues cannot be reduced below their default set of ten queues using If this is required, the queues must be removed directly from

FIFO processing must be complete and the queues must be empty to change the queue configuration. You must disable the inbound adapter while changing the queue configuration. If the inbound adapter is not disabled and the queues are not drained, it may result in message execution that is out of order.