Adding XPath Expressions to Service Configurations in the GPM

You can add XPath expressions to service configurations in the Graphical Process Modeler.

  1. Select the service in the Workspace and in the Service editor, click Advanced.
  2. Click Add to display the Name and Value columns.
  3. In the Name field, type a unique name for the rule you are creating.
  4. Click in the field under the Value column and select the ... button.
  5. In the Value of Null dialog box, click the A + B button to display the XPath Expression Builder.

    After closing the Service editor, point to the value column in the Advanced editor so that the expression button disappears. This action sets values.

  6. Create your expression, following the instructions for using the XPath Expression Builder.
  7. Click OK. See also Assigning Name-Value Pairs in a Business Process ModelAssigning Name-Value Pairs in a Business Process Model.