Deploy webx.war on Apache/Tomcat 3.2

If you are deploying a WAR file in a DMZ that starts a business process in Sterling B2B Integrator, you must also deploy the HTTP servlet (webx.war) in the same DMZ environment.

  1. Complete the following steps if you are deploying webx.war on a computer other than one that has Sterling B2B Integrator installed on it:
    1. Verify that you have Apache/Tomcat installed on the computer that you want to deploy the webx.war on.
    2. Verify that the JDK version installed on the computer is the same version required by Sterling B2B Integrator.
    3. Deploy the webx.war file on the new applications server.
    4. In Sterling B2B Integrator, open the HTTP Server adapter configuration and select the Web Extensions HTTP Server Adapter configuration.
    5. Type the IP address of the computer that is in the DMZ.
    6. In the application server where you deployed the webx.war file, locate and open the webx web.xml file.

      The web.xml file is located in the /tomcat_install_dir/webapps/webx/web-inf/ directory.

    7. In the webx web.xml file, verify that the port number matches the HTTP Server adapter configuration in Sterling B2B Integrator.

      The web.xml file is located in the /tomcat_install_dir/webapps/webx/web-inf/ directory.

    The HTTP Server adapter and the b2bhttp servlet are configured to send data to and receive data from each other.

    Note: For instructions on deploying WAR files on other applications servers, refer to your application server documentation.
  2. To deploy the webx.war file on Apache/Tomcat 3.2:
    1. Stop Tomcat.
    2. From the Deployment menu, select Web Extensions > Utilities.
    3. On The Web Utilities page, under Download, select webx.war from the Download (.war) file drop-down list and click Go!
    4. Select the location to save the WAR file.
    5. Copy webx.war from the location that you saved the file to the Web application folder in the DMZ.
      For example, copy the webx.war to the /usr/local/tomcat3.2.2/webapp directory.
    6. Restart Tomcat.