Configuring the Oracle database

Before you install Sterling B2B Integrator with the Oracle database, you must configure the database.

  • If you are reinstalling the software, be aware that data in your existing database is deleted. To preserve the data, either back-up your existing database or save it with a different name.
  • After you create and configure your database, recycle the database. Restart the database to apply the changes.

Use the following checklist to configure Oracle for Sterling B2B Integrator:

Item Oracle Database Configuration Checklist
1 Create the database.

Refer to the Oracle documentation on creating the database, including creating a schema repository, login, and table space.

Be sure to install the correct version and patches.

See Software Product Compatibility Reports for the supported version information.

2 Configure an Oracle Instance.
3 Configure Oracle Rollback.
4 Install the Oracle JDBC Driver.
5 Enable Failover in a Multiple Node Oracle RAC Database Cluster.
6 After Sterling B2B Integrator is installed, if you want to encrypt the data traffic, perform one of the following tasks:
  • Configure Sterling B2B Integrator for Data Traffic Encryption
  • Configure Sterling B2B Integrator for Data Traffic Encryption with SSL