Before you upgrade Sterling B2B Integrator, you must complete certain prerequisite tasks.

  • Ensure the Kubernetes version >= 1.14.6 along with beta APIs enabled.
  • Ensure the Helm version >= 3.1.0.
  • Ensure to download Certified Containers Helm charts from IBM public Helm charts repository. For more information, see Downloading Certified Container Helm charts from Chart Repository.
  • Ensure that one of the supported database servers (Oracle/DB2/MSSQL) is installed and the database is accessible from inside the cluster.
  • Ensure to set up a secret with Entitlement Key and configure it as an image pullSecret in the service account or charts image configuration to enable pulling container images from Entitled Registry. In case the images need to be pushed to a private registry, pull the images from Entitled Registry using Entitlement Key for credentials and push it to the private registry. Set up a secret for the private registry and configure image repository, tag and pull policy in Helm configuration.
  • Ensure that a supported MQ Server version (IBM MQ or ActiveMQ Server) is installed and accessible from inside the cluster.
  • Ensure to create a persistent volume with access mode as 'Read Only Many' and place the database driver jar, JCE policy file, key store and trust store files in case of an SSL connection to database or MQ server in the mapped volume location.
  • Ensure to create secrets with requisite confidential credentials for system passphrase, database, MQ server and Liberty. You can use the given configuration files under pak_extensions/pre-install/secret directory.
  • Ensure that dataSetup.enable parameter is set to true and dataSetup.upgrade is set as true when you want to install the chart on a database on an older release version. This upgrades the given database tables and metadata to the latest version.

For more information on setting up prerequisites, see Prerequisites for installing Sterling B2B Integrator Certified Container.