Configure File System Adapter and Command Line2 Adapters

You must configure your File System and Command Line2 adapters before you remove the previous release directory.

Reconfigure any File System and Command Line2 adapters that were configured to use directories or scripts in the installation directory for the previous release. Ensure that you create new directories and save scripts outside of the current installation directory and edit each configuration to use the appropriate directories and scripts.

If you are using the Command Line2 adapter and have located the CLA2Client.jar file anywhere other than the default location, you must replace it with the new version. For information about the default location and how to start the Command Line2 adapter, see the Command Line2 adapter.

The CLA instances are now pointing to the CLA2 Service definition. After importing old service instances of CLA onto Sterling B2B Integrator, you must reconfigure the imported CLA services to re-set the Remote Name and Remote Port service configuration parameters. For more information, refer to the documentation for the Command Line Adapter and Command Line2 Adapter.