NIST 800-131a compliance with Sterling B2B Integrator

Sterling B2B Integrator works in two security compliance modes:

  • Non-NIST 800-131a compliance (default)
  • Strict NIST 800-131a compliance
The following applies to all adapters, services and components when working in NIST 800-131a compliance mode:
  • If an adapter, service, or component is configured with non-NIST 800-131a compliant information, the configuration summary page for that component will indicate non-NIST compliance. To maintain compliance, you must re-configure the adapter, service, or component with NIST 800-131a compliance information.
  • When you re-configure an adapter, service, or component it forces the usage of NIST 800-131a compliance information; therefore, any non-NIST 800-131a compliance information will not be available.
  • If an adapter or service is configured with non-NIST 800-131a compliance information, it is disabled; you can not restart it without reconfiguration with information that supports NIST 800-131a compliance.

For more information about NIST 800-131a compliance, please see