Create an Offer

Offers enable a partner to group a set of order types and file formats and process them together. You can create an offer from the Profile Management menu.

An offer must be associated with a particular bank ID. Only one offer is allowed per bank. To create an offer, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Sterling B2B Integrator EBICS Client.
  2. From the Profile management menu, select Bank > Offer configurations.
  3. In the Offer Configuration page, next to Create new offer, click GO.
  4. In the Create: Offer page, specify the values for the fields according to the instructions in the following table and click Finish.
    Field Description
    Offer Name Required. Specify a name for the offer.
    Bank ID(Host ID) Required. Select a bank ID from the drop-down list.
    Associate/Disassociate order type to file formats configuration Optional. Select the check box next to the order type. The selected order types and corresponding file formats are grouped to form an offer.