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This topic provides a list of new features and enhancements introduced in this release.

myFileGateway 2.0 changes

Certified Container enhancements

Note: Certified Containers Fix Pack releases v6.1.0.1 and later versions are available for download only from IBM Entitled Registry for images and IBM Helm Chart repository for Helm Charts. The Fix Pack releases are not available for download from Passport Advantage or Fix Central. For more information, see Downloading Certified Container artifacts.

Kafka Visibility

Sterling B2B Integrator provides support for Kafka Visibility. This feature allows to publish events and correlations that are generated in different services and adapters to Kafka, which is a highly scalable messaging system. This enables customers and partners to develop their own dashboards using the events data and track the status of files more effectively. For more information, see Kafka Visibility.

Multitenancy support on Oracle 19c

Sterling B2B Integrator can be installed on an Oracle multitenant environment. For more information, see Multitenancy support on Oracle 19c.

Updates to New Media changes

The Media file size is increased to over 4GB due to the new Media changes in place. For more information, see New Media changes.

Stack changes

There are several changes done to the existing stack as part of this release. For more information, see Software Product Compatibility Report.