Configuring an Inbound SAP Cross-Reference

To enable Sterling B2B Integrator to process inbound and outbound IDocs and translate them to and from EDI, you must specify SAP cross-references to look up the EDI envelope associated with the SAP route defined for the IDoc.

The Sterling B2B Integrator supports only a one-to-one ratio of SAP cross-references to EDI envelopes. To configure an inbound cross-reference:
  1. From the Administration menu, select Deployment > Adapter Utilities > SAP Routes > SAP Route X-REF.
  2. Under Create, next to New Inbound X-REF, click Go.
  3. Complete the fields in the following table, as appropriate:
    Option Description
    Route Selection Name of the inbound route to which you are creating this cross-reference. Required.
    Envelope Selection EDI envelope that you have previously created to translate the key field or fields that you specified when creating an inbound route. Required.
    Note: Specify the inner-most EDI envelope in this field.
  4. Click Next and review your configuration settings.
  5. Click Finish to add the inbound cross-reference to Sterling B2B Integrator.