What's new

The What's new topic provides the new features and enhancements that are introduced in Sterling B2B Integrator.

Red Hat certified container

Red Hat certified container image is now available for Docker installations. You can download this image from Passport Advantage and install it using the Docker installation steps. For more information, see Downloading the Docker image from Passport Advantage.

Upgrade compatibility

The system displays an alert message when you perform an upgrade using Docker and IIM. For more information, see

myFileGateway 2.0 enhancements

The following are supported with myFileGateway 2.0.
  • Global Mailbox
  • SSP with SEAS authentication
  • Arabic language and Hijri calendar

Password policy enhancements

The password policy is enhanced with the account lockout feature. For more information, see Password Policies.

AWS S3 enhancements

AWS S3 is now enhanced with a host of new services. For more information, see Amazon Web Service Simple Storage Service.

New customizations

A new customization for the splash screen is introduced. For more information, see UI Branding.

New order types

Two new order types NAA and NAB are introduced on EBICS server and client. For more information, see Configure Order Type Manager and Order types.
Note: NAA and NAB order types are not available in v6.1.0.

Linux System z

You can install Sterling B2B Integrator on Linux System z. For more information, see Installing Linux System z.

Supported stack

For more information, see Software Product Compatibility Report.