IBM Atlas eDiscovery Process Management

With IBM® Atlas eDiscovery Process Management, your legal team can define, manage, and audit the legal responsibilities that are incurred for a legal matter.

IBM Atlas eDiscovery Process Management consists of the following components:
Atlas eDiscovery Cost Forecasting and Management
Enables attorneys and legal controllers to project future discovery costs to avoid expense deviations and improve negotiations with legal adversaries. This product includes comprehensive reports and intuitive dashboards to assess discovery costs by fiscal period. This decision support provides a shared view for Legal, Finance, and business partners to ensure that cost information is shared with those that need it and to help drive decision making.
Atlas eDiscovery Process Management
Provides workflow automation to assist the legal team in initiating, communicating, and releasing legal holds on information. This product also helps your organization to leverage outside counsel more efficiently by pre-interviewing custodians electronically, reducing the scope of data that is collected and reviewed, and ensuring a reliable, defensible process record. When Atlas eDiscovery Process Management is used with Atlas eDiscovery Cost Forecasting and Management, inside and outside counsel can prepare quickly and effectively for discovery conferences, to jointly establish budget expectations and negotiate the scope of preservation and discovery.
Atlas IT eDiscovery Process Management
Improves the communication and coordination of discovery requirements and facts between IT and Legal with automatic action item assignments, notifications, alerts, work planning, and easy lookup of holds and collections. This product makes it easy for IT to manage compliance and data. End-to-end workflow between Legal and IT ensures that collection instructions are clear, the status of discovery jobs is shared across both departments, and redundant recordkeeping and collections are eliminated.