What's new in this release?

New and enhanced features are added to the product every release. Live! development follows the continuous delivery model with an iterative release every four weeks. This topic describes the new features and enhancements that are delivered in each release.

List of Live! Releases

Sprint 2019.19

The display of links between shapes have improved. Bend points in links are introduced to enhance the look of the diagram when multiple shapes are used in it. Option to change the link line and shape borderline thickness for better appearance of the diagrams.
  • Bend points in links: You can customize how a Link routes by adding bend points around the shapes if there are mutliple shapes in the diagram. This enhances the look of the diagram.
    Bend points in links
  • Line thickness: The stroke thickness of Links and Shapes can now be adjusted from the toolbar.
    Thickness of lines and shapes
  • Whiteboard URL links enhancements: Whiteboard URL Links now get automatically updated when you rename the linked whiteboard. If the linked whiteboard is deleted, then the URL Link will be marked in red.
    Whiteboard URL is highlighted in red when the related whiteboard is deleted.

Sprint 2019.15

Having worked on a Live! single room modeling environment in the past releases, have you wondered whether you can create and manage multiple projects in your organization in the same instance? We heard you. Live! modeling experience has grown from a single room modeling environment to a Home-based multi-room modeling environment to support multiple projects. So, here is the new release of Live! that supports multiple projects. Not just this valuable new feature, but Live! also has undergone a major user interface makeover that enhances the user experience. Home and Room administrators have a well-defined role to create and manage users and whiteboard data.
  • Multiple project support:
    • Live! user interface consists of the Home and Room dashboards.
    • Home administrators are defined with a set roles and responsibilities to create and manage the rooms, groups, and users.
    • Room administrators are defined with a set roles and responsibilities to manage the rooms, users of the rooms, and the whiteboards.
    • Home administrators maintain multiple projects through multiple rooms through the Home dashboard.
    • Home administrators create and manage their users and groups through the Home dashboard.
  • Active Directory integration
    • Live! supports integration with Active Directories for authentication.
  • Improved link anchoring between shapes
    • This release gives you the flexibility to anchor your links to the shapes in the position and direction you want as opposed to the earlier releases where the links could originate and connect to specific points in the shapes. You can select the link and drag it to place it anywhere across the boundaries of the shapes. This enhances the looks of the diagram and also provides clarity of the links between the shapes.
    • Upload Zip files during Import
      • You can now upload the existing Zip file during Import to bring in content from them. This is useful, for example, when you are moving content across Rooms or Servers.

Known issues

  • Custom shape: Links between the embedded shapes are not visible in the custom shapes group in the palette explorer, but, when you drag the embedded custom shape onto a whiteboard, the links appear correctly in the whiteboard and are also visible in the search results view.
  • Rich Text note: The display of the Rich Text note shape might not be as expected on Chrome browsers and on monitors with screen resolutions other than the recommended 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Browser support: IBM Architecture Room LIVE! is not compatible with versions earlier than Firefox 57.
  • Integration with Design Room ONE: While integrating with Design Room ONE model elements, you can copy the URLs of one or more elements and paste them in the whiteboard in IBM Architecture Room LIVE! Note that the element attributes such as color, size, and links are not copied along with the element.