server.conf.yaml type

Use the server.conf.yaml type to create configurations that use the server.conf.yaml file to configure the operation of the integration server and associated resources.

Summary of key details for the configuration type

File name or type Contains secrets Path extracted/imported to Maximum allowed per integration server
server.conf.yaml No /home/aceuser/ace-server/overrides/server.conf.yaml 1

About the server.conf.yaml file

The server.conf.yaml type requires a server.conf.yaml file that the integration server will use.

The file is placed in the overrides directory for the running server, so any default values that are set for the integration server container will be overridden by the values that are set in this file. The server.conf.yaml file contents are identical to the contents of the file used in IBM® App Connect Enterprise software and there is no enforced limit on what properties can be set.

Only one server.conf.yaml file can be specified per integration server.

You can obtain a copy of the server.conf.yaml configuration file from the /home/aceuser/ace-server directory in the pod, or from the local directory installDir/server/sample/configuration where IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit is installed; for example, on Windows: C:\Program Files\IBM\ACE\\server\sample\configuration. A sample file is provided in the attached ZIP archive for reference:

For more information about how to modify the server.conf.yaml file, see Configuring an integration server by modifying the server.conf.yaml file.

Creating a configuration for the server.conf.yaml type by using the configuration panel

You can create a server.conf.yaml-type configuration while creating an integration server, or independently, as follows:

  1. From the Configuration page (accessed by clicking the Configuration icon Configuration icon), or the Configuration panel of an integration server that you are creating, click Create configuration. For more information about this page or panel, see Managing configuration objects from the Configuration page.
  2. From the Create configuration panel, select server.conf.yaml from the Type list.
  3. In the Name field, specify a name for this configuration.
  4. In the Description field, specify text that will help you identify the integration server that will use this server.conf.yaml file.
    Create configuration panel
  5. Complete the server.conf.yaml section by completing either of the following steps:
    • Copy the contents of your modified server.conf.yaml file and then paste it into the server.conf.yaml text editor.
      server.conf.yaml text editor with pasted contents
    • Import your modified server.conf.yaml file from your file system:
      1. Click the Import serverconf file icon Import icon.
      2. Click within the boxed area to select the file from a file browser, or drag-and-drop the file.
        Import server.conf.yaml view

        The content of the server.conf.yaml file is displayed.

        server.conf.yaml text editor with imported contents
  6. Click Create. The configuration is added to the configurations table and can be selected for use with an integration server.

Updating or deleting a configuration

If you need to update the content or settings in a configuration, or delete a configuration that's no longer required, see Managing configuration objects from the Configuration page.