Policy project type

Use the Policy project type to create configurations that contain policies (within a policy project) to control the behavior of the message flows and message flow nodes at run time.

Summary of key details for the configuration type

File name or type Contains secrets Path extracted/imported to Maximum allowed per integration server
ZIP No /home/aceuser/ace-server/overrides/ Multiple

About the Policy project file

You can control and update connection properties and other operational properties at run time by overriding message flow and message flow node properties with a policy.

The Policy project type requires a ZIP file that contains the entire contents of a policy project, including the folder that has the policy project name. The ZIP file contents will be extracted into the overrides directory in the integration server work path and will take precedence over any policies that are contained in the BAR file.

The maximum recommended size of a ZIP file for a configuration is approximately 660 KB.

For information about creating policies in policy projects, see Creating policies with the IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit.

For examples of how to use this configuration type, see Tutorials and examples.

Creating a configuration for the Policy project type by using the configuration panel

You can create a Policy project-type configuration while creating an integration server, or independently, as follows:

  1. From the Configuration page (accessed by clicking the Configuration icon Configuration icon), or the Configuration view of an integration server that you are creating, click Create configuration. For more information about this page or view, see Managing configuration objects from the Configuration page.
  2. From the Create configuration panel, select Policy project from the Type list.
  3. In the Name field, specify a name for this configuration.
  4. In the Description field, specify text that will help you identify the integration server on which the policies will be applied, or help you identify the content of the ZIP archive.
    Create configuration panel
  5. To import the policy project, click within the boxed area to select the ZIP file from a file browser, or drag-and-drop the file. The name of the imported file is displayed.
    Imported ZIP file
  6. Click Create. The configuration is added to the configurations table and can be selected for use with an integration server.

Updating or deleting a configuration

If you need to update the content or settings in a configuration, or delete a configuration that's no longer required, see Managing configuration objects from the Configuration page.