IBM Watson Personality Insights account details Deprecated

To use a local connector to run API operations against IBM® Watson Personality Insights, you must define account details that the connector can use to establish a connection. You can define these details by creating a configuration in App Connect Dashboard, or by saving the details to an accounts.yaml file for import into App Connect Dashboard.

Important: Deprecated IBM Watson® Personality Insights is discontinued. Existing instances are supported until 1 December 2021, but as of 1 December 2020, you cannot create new instances. Any instance that exists on 1 December 2021 will be deleted.. For more information about the deprecation, and the option to migrate to the IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding service, see the documentation for IBM Watson Personality Insights

Account parameters

You can define one or more accounts for IBM Watson Personality Insights. For each account that you require, either specify a new set of account details by completing the fields in the Configuration page (or section), or edit the parameters in the accounts.yaml file before importing it as a configuration. The set of required and optional Account fields or parameters are listed in the following table.

For information about locating the values for these account parameters, see Locating the values for the account parameters.

Field Parameter Values Condition Description

Account name


User defined


The name of a Watson account that exists in App Connect on IBM Cloud, and which is used in the exported API flow.

Authentication type




The mechanism that is used for user authorization.

API key


User name and Password



username and password

User defined


  • For apiKey, specify the API key that was generated for the Watson instance. Required if the instance supports token-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) authentication.
  • For username and password, specify the user name and password that were generated for the Watson instance. Required if the instance uses Cloud Foundry service credentials for authentication.

Base URL


User defined


The base URL for the Watson service endpoint; for example,

Locating the values for the account parameters

You can find the connection values on the Service credentials page for the Watson service instance in IBM Cloud:

  1. Log in to IBM Cloud.
  2. Go to the IBM Cloud Dashboard, and click the Watson service instance that you want to work with
  3. Click Service credentials in the left pane and click View credentials.


    - name: "Account 1"
          authType: "BASIC"
          apiKey: "aBCDefghiJKlmn37oP0qrSTUvwxZmUUpa-2E4AGjt1"
          baseUrl: ""