How to connect applications in App Connect Designer

Generally, you can connect to applications in App Connect Designer by creating an event-driven flow or flows for an API.

You can use IBM® App Connect to connect applications by configuration and data mapping without a need for coding. If you are looking for information for a specific application, see the individual 'how to' guides under How to guides for apps.

What should I consider first?

Before you use App Connect Designer to connect to your applications, consider the following information. You can choose to create either an event-driven flow or a flow for an API.

  • In an event-driven flow, you identify an event that can occur in your first application (the source application), and actions that can be performed in one or more target applications. The flow links the event to the actions so that, whenever the event occurs in the source application, the action is automatically triggered in the target applications.
  • A flow for an API contains a request, one or more target application actions, and a response. The request uses a model that you define to request the creation or retrieval of data objects in your applications. When the request is submitted, each target application performs its action, and then the flow returns a response that either confirms that the actions were successful, or returns the data that was requested.

To allow App Connect to connect to an application like Salesforce, you need connection details. Typical connection details are the user ID and password of an account for the application.

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