Developing with IBM App Connect Designer

You can easily use IBM App Connect Designer to connect apps like Salesforce, Marketo, and SAP, so that when an event occurs in one app, or a request is made to an API, the other connected apps are updated automatically.

You can get started without prior knowledge of App Connect or integration, and can choose how you want to get going from a variety of resources:

Designer is an integrated part of IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud

Not got App Connect on IBM Cloud? Sign up easily for the free Lite plan, to get your own instance of App Connect on IBM Cloud. In your App Connect, check out the welcome guide or get started with other resources below.

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Figure 1. IBM App Connect Designer, Welcome page
IBM App Connect Designer, Welcome page

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Want to get hands on quickly, to develop your first integrations?

Start with a template in Designer to create an event-driven flow or API flow; all in a few steps, in minutes. Start simple, or try any of the tutorials. Discover concepts and techniques as you go.

Get started with event-driven flows

Create an event-driven flow from a template, to send a Slack notification to the sales team when a new opportunity is added in Salesforce.

flow tile

Get started

Get started with API flows

Create an API from a template, to take a name and email address and create a contact in Salesforce.

API flow tile

Get started

Want to get going quickly but still be guided?

Take the IBM App Connect Integration Essentials Course. Gain a brief overview of App Connect and then be guided through building your first two integrations.

Take the course and earn the badge.

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Want a quick video walkthrough?

If you prefer to see how easily someone used Designer to develop integrations, watch the series of Welcome videos.

Figure 2. Welcome to IBM App Connect [Part 1 of 4]: Create a simple event-driven flow. Watch how to create a simple event-driven flow with Designer.


Figure 3. Welcome to IBM App Connect [Part 2 of 4]: Add logic to an event-driven flow. Watch how to add some logic to our flow with Designer.


Figure 4. Welcome to IBM App Connect [Part 3 of  4]: Visually map and transform your data. Watch how Designer can be used to create different structures of data.


Figure 5. Welcome to IBM App Connect [Part 4 of 4]: Create flows for an API. Watch how Designer can be used to create flows for an API.


View more videos in the App Connect playlist

Want to learn more?

If you prefer to learn about developing with Designer before getting hands on, or if want to move on from getting started, see the other pages in this documentation including the following suggested resources.

  • Overview of developing with Designer Learn more about the general subjects and techniques for developing integrations by using IBM App Connect Designer.
  • Creating and managing event-driven flows Learn more about developing with Designer to create event-driven flows with Designer and manage them in App Connect.
  • Creating and using APIs Learn more about developing with Designer to create API flows, manage them in App Connect on IBM Cloud or by using other API management capabilities, and exporting API flows to run on an integration server in a private cloud environment.
  • How-to guides for apps

    App-specific "How-to guides" provide a starting point for information about how to use apps like Asana, Marketo, and Salesforce that have special prerequisites, considerations, or example use cases.

  • Tutorials Learn more about developing with Designer by completing hands-on tutorials to create event-driven flows and APIs, and to try other features of App Connect. Create flows and APIs from templates, from imported flow definition files, or from scratch.